Documentary Team Seeks Comedians

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Casting Call
Age Range: ANY
Ethnicity: ANY
Pay: Deferred payment and DVD copy of Documentary

Looking for male and female professional or amateur stand-up comedians to be featured in a documentary.

This documentary, working title: BEHIND THE LAUGHS, will follow a group of comedians as they develop, write, perform and dissect their stand-up acts.

BEHIND THE LAUGHS will be a behind-the-scenes look at stand-up comedy with a focus on the less “glamorous” side of this aspect of show business including what it takes for a comic to get up and perform in one of the most difficult performing art forms. We will also examine the reasons why comics put themselves through this tough art form. What leads people to the decision to try stand-up comedy? How do different comics write and prepare?

Requirements: Selected comics will be required to perform at a showcase, event, or open mic at least once a week. Comics will also be required to do at least one video journal per week. Multiple video journal entries each week is favorable. Video journals can be shot with web cams, iPhones, personal handle-held cameras, etc. We want video journals to look raw.

Video journal topics should include performing (“killing” and “bombing” on stage), writing and preparing material, and any post-performance critiques or general thoughts from each performer etc., in addition to any other things that each performer might want to opine about including support or pushback from family and friends, pursuing stand-up in addition to working a day job or any other challenges or issues that might be unique to each performers’ situation.

Comics will also be required to be available to do on camera interviews before and/or after performances at least once a week. Comics must be willing to film their own sets when film crew is not present (can use web cam, iPhone, personal hand-held camera, etc.). Selected comics will be required to notify the producers about ALL performances (open mics, showcases, public or private events, etc.) they have scheduled no later than the one week in advance. Selected comics will be required to release all rights to ALL filmed performance (whether the performance “kills” or “bombs”), ALL video journals and ALL video interviews.

*IMPORTANT: This documentary will focus on what is real and honest and not what you feel looks best. We are looking for the raw, uncensored feelings and thoughts about the struggles that comics go through in pursuit of this art form. Should you be chosen to participate in this project, we (the filmmakers) retain the right to include or exclude any performances and/or content from the video journals. The filmmakers will retain ALL final cut decisions.

All selected comics will be required to sign a contract and video/ photo release forms. Selection to be followed for this documentary does not insure that you will make the final cut in the finished documentary. That will be up to the discretion of the filmmakers.

Future Plans for BEHIND THE LAUGHS: This documentary will be submitted to multiple film festivals around the country including the Sundance Film Festival. Submission does not guarantee any screenings or acceptances.

How to apply: All interested comics should email Jennifer Holman at to receive an audition form. This form will include a request for your basic personal information, questions as to why you should be followed in the documentary as well as a request for a link to a five minute clip of you performing stand-up (only 5 minutes please!). The audition form must be fully filled out to be considered. Tip: Please tell us any and all reasons why you have the most interesting story to be told in this documentary.

Submissions are due by 11:59 PM Wednesday, Dec 5th. An initial cast production meeting will be held on Saturday Dec 8th at 2pm at a location to be determined.

About the filmmakers:
Jennifer Holman has a Bachelor of Arts in Communications in Theatre with a Specialization in Acting and Directing. Her experience in Film and theatre does not end at being an Actor and Comedian. Jennifer has directed in theatre, improv and film as well as assistant directed on set. She is an experienced producer with credits in theatre, film and commercial projects. Her creative work also extends to set design and construction, costume design and construction, make-up design and property design.

Tom Hofbauer is an award-winning independent filmmaker with three self-produced projects under his belt (two narratives and one documentary). Those three films have garnered appearances in dozens of festivals, events, and private screenings. Festival awards include Gold Medal for Excellence / Festival Director’s Choice, Gold Medal for Excellence / Festival Director’s Choice, Best Dramatic Feature, Feature Film Winner. Tom was a location producer and cinematographer on the Academy Award nominated documentary,Twist of Faith, directed by Kirby Dick. Tom is also a stand-up comedian with 27 years of performance experience.

If you have any questions please contact Jennifer Holman (producer) or Tom Hofbauer (producer / director).

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