Local Feature Seeks Cast/Crew

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All Cast and Crew non-paid (copy and credit only)

Casting Breakdowns

  • Parise – 15 years old, Mixed (or appears to be), thin, can display an array of emotions, timid to aggressive, pretty. Must be comfortable with kissing on screen.
  • Sylvia – 15 years old, Parise’s best friend, caucasian, thin, blonde (preferably), sassy
  • Rodd – Caucasian, 28-35, strong stature, law enforcement type, sincere, stern yet compassionate, able to cry in climax scene.
  • Torch – 18 years old, Either African American/Mexican, or both, strong, feisty, thuggish, (preferably) has tattoos, can speak or learn select Spanish phrases. Must be comfortable with kissing on screen.
  • Lucky – 18, race open, thug, Torch’s best friend. Must be comfortable being aggressive.
  • Kitti – 17 years old, Mixed or African American, very pretty, promiscuous. Represents an important social issue. Must be comfortable dancing provocatively in a scene.
  • Paul Dawson – Father to Sylvia (second lead). Caucasian Male, middle aged or can play middle aged, three scenes. One emotional scene.
  • Aggressive Male – African American. Must be comfortable with on camera fighting, and portraying violence toward lead actress.

Crew Needed

  • Script Supervisor
  • Lighting Assistant
  • Location scout
  • Assistant Director
  • Assistant Camera

Will work closely with Playwright/Executive Producer, Meladi McNair 937-340-1735 meladimcnair@yahoo.com On Facebook and Twitter All need to be able to fully commit for a few months for rehearsals and production! Roles require work, dedication and some flexibility, as things may change.

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