Varied Locations Welcome Filmmakers

In September, FilmDayton launched the ‘Reel Treasures of the Miami Valley’ locations contest. The community responded with great enthusiasm, and we’re still adding photos of unique locations, props and buildings to our on-line database! See some of the great photos online now.

We welcomed submissions in varied categories including industrial, arts, residential, open spaces, business, historical and more. Top photos were chosen in each category and winners were drawn at random.

Thank you to EVERYONE who participated. It was truly a difficult task to choose among the many pictures demonstrating the wide diversity of resources, architecture and assets in our community. Although the contest is over, FilmDayton will continue to grow our regional database for future film projects, so don’t hesitate to encourage your friends or family to get in on the action. Stay tuned to or to keep up on all the film news.

And another big thank you to our partners Dodd Camera and Rave Motion Pictures for providing our exciting prizes!

Just a few of the varied submissions of locations that are film friendly in our region:

























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