Local Film Gets Major Distribution

Congrats to Patrick Steele, Ann Rotolante and the local team that created TRUE NATURE!  They came out this week with an exciting announcement.

TRUE NATURE is being distributed in North America by Monarch Home Entertainment, the 600-LB gorilla of such things.

Retail DVD street date is January 22, 2013! Find it at Blockbuster, Family Video, Safeway, Amazon.com and other national and regional retailers near you.

VOD (Netflix, iTunes, Redbox, etc.) coming hot on the DVD’s heels.

There may be some broadcast TV in the mix for spring. Fingers crossed!

Ann and I are so proud that our made-in-Dayton award winner is going to be creeping people out across North America in just a few short weeks!

And for those of you across the world, don’t despair. We’re working on an international deal as we speak!


  1. How can I get involved with Film Dayton? I’d like to lend my talents to the group.

    • Hi Tina! There are lots of ways to get involved; thanks for your interest! I’ll message you directly with some options, but you can also be sure to follow us on Facebook and explore this Web site to learn more about all our events.

  2. Congrats! I’ve been waiting to see this since I missed it in Cleveland 2 years ago!

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