FilmDayton Awards: Nominations Open

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The FilmDayton Award as designed by artist Susan Cannon celebrates film with a reference to the Muybridge Horse.

Note – Nominations are now closed. Stay tuned for award announcements!

Do you know an inspiring filmmaker from the Dayton Region who deserves to be celebrated for their achievements? Submit a nomination letter to FilmDayton!

FilmDayton is currently accepting nominations for the second annual FilmDayton Awards. FilmDayton Awards are presented in up to three categories at the FilmDayton Festival:

  • The Filmmaker Award recognizes a career of excellence in film making.
  • The Key Award for special service to the regional film community.
  • The Innovation Award recognizes emerging/innovative artists in film.

Nomination letters should include the following:

  1. Biographical information about nominee (Name, contact information, background, experience as a filmmaker);
  2. Award category for which nominee is to be considered;
  3. Explanation of why this nominee should be chosen for the award (if possible, include links to reel, work, clippings, etc.)
  4. (Optional) Additional statements of support from members of the community.

Nominators are expected to help with the awards process if your nominee is chosen to receive an award. As a part of the awards ceremony, FilmDayton screens short video presentations of the recipient’s work. Nominating a filmmaker for the awards indicates your willingness to produce this video or to find someone familiar with the nominee to produce it. Nominators will be invited to help craft statements about the recipient at the awards ceremony and either speak personally or recommend someone to speak about the recipient. The FilmDayton Board of Trustees will decide award recipients based on the strength of the nomination letter and the body of work of the filmmaker being nominated.

Submit your nomination letter to chair of the FilmDayton Awards Committee, Dr. Nicole Richter at by April 30th for consideration. FilmDayton will notify nominators and award winners by May 25th.

More about the FilmDayton Awards:

Awards chairperson, Dr. Nicole Richter, shared some background on the FilmDayton Awards:

Q: Why did FilmDayton launch the FilmDayton Awards in 2012?

FilmDayton launched the FilmDayton Awards to celebrate the talented and diverse filmmakers that make our regional film community strong and vibrant.

Q: Who’s appropriate to be nominated?

Any working filmmaker in the Dayton Region can be nominated for these awards. Nominees don’t have to be well known filmmakers. Part of the motivation for the awards stemmed from FilmDayton’s desire to celebrate those hard-working filmmakers whose dedication and service to their craft may not be widely recognized.

Q: Why is this part of the FilmDayton Festival?

FilmDayton sees the FilmDayton Awards as fulfilling its mission of building the Dayton region’s film community by bringing together community members to share in a fun celebration of our regional accomplishments!

Learn more about the FilmDayton Awards by reviewing some of the winners from the inaugural year and submit a fellow filmmaker, educator or supporter who you believe is deserving of recognition!

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