Now Casting – Actors for Multiple Projects

Casting Notice:

WHEN: Friday, September 13, 2013, 2-5 PM – Open call. Bring photo/resume if available (not required).

WHERE: 5-Season’s Sports Club (private room) at 4242 Clyo Rd. 45440, Kettering


DRW2 Media Group will be shooting qualifying scenes of multiple projects currently on the slate (see Web site for more info). Scenes will be no longer than 2-3 minutes each and will be filmed in Kettering, Dayton and Beavercreek over two days. Ideally a “pool” of actors who may be used for multiple scenes will be cast, but it is possible that more actors are selected.

  • Read-Thru / Meet and Greet: Saturday, September 14 at 6PM (requested, but not required if cast).
  • Filming: Monday, September 16 and/or Tuesday, September 17. Actors must be available at least one of the filming days (preferably both). Actors may be cast in multiple scenes.
  • Food, Copy and $50 stipend per scene provided to selected actors. Actors will be asked to come in their own costume/make-up and provide for their own transportation.
  • Questions? Call Mark at 937-433-2077

Character breakdowns

(unless where specified, all ethnicities will be considered)


  • Young man: Tall, athletic build no dialogue.


  • Female (Christine) 35-ish.  Christine, is distraught even desperate. A manuscript she has discovered written by someone unknown to her is telling her life story. Each page has revealed her inner most thoughts.
  • A male (Mike) 40-ish. Mike, has also read the manuscript and his thoughts are also revealed in the pages. He too is perplexed by what he has read but strangely he seems almost resigned to what appears to be his fate


  • Male: Ernie is a cop, he is 50ish, grizzled, not in great shape, looks like cop.
  • Male: David is mid-30’s reasonable handsome, athletic, well dressed.

The men have low key conversation. Ernie sounds a little like Columbo. They go back and forth slowly in a non-confrontational almost friendly sort of way…yet it sounds like each may be holding back something from the other. Ernie suspects David is not revealing all but makes no direct accusation. David says a little as possible so he doesn’t have to lie. Less is more scene.


  • Female: attractive mid-late 20’s female (Sara)
  • Male: mid- 30’s (Jon).

Sara is smart as hell (Stanford), doesn’t suffer fools and especially fools hitting on her right after getting out of prison. Jon is also smart (Princeton), a bit horny and has lost his way with women after six years in the state pen. Their exchange is quick, witty, with a tinge of humor and Sara in not the least bit intimidated by Jon’s crude invitation.


Need two 40- something males.

  • Stephan is ill, almost frail but very smart and pissed because he thinks he is dying. He doesn’t give a damn about anything at this point. Stephan is bitter, until he learns David can save his life.
  • David is handsome, a bit cocky mainly because he knows things no one else knows. His attitude may be based on the fact he is an alien. He looks just like us but was born in another galaxy. David has a puckish attitude…


We need two males mid- 40’s (Elvis and David). However, this scene will be shot in shadow and silhouette. The men’s faces unseen. Men will have very slight Southern accents. Their heads will be very close to each other as they talk in low voices, not wanting to be heard by those around them.


  • Female (18) Girl is not the brightest bulb in the pack. Is sexy, in love and as a result dangerous in a nice sort of way. Girl is overly dramatic.
  •  Male (18). Boy is a smart kid who allows his unit to get him in trouble. Boy is calm until he hears troubling news. Then, his panic is palpable.


  • Attractive 20ish female (Kymberlie) – Kymberlie is smarter than Jason and also more calculating. She is waiting for her chance. She also knows men of all ages want to jump her every chance they can and she uses that power wisely.
  • Attractive 30ish male (Jason)  – Jason is a cool, well dressed NYC commercial real estate broker who is very sure of himself. Some say cocky. There is a wide range of emotion here for Jason. He goes to very sure of himself to abject panic.
  • 60ish male (Mr Raymond) – Mr. Raymond just wants to get laid and realizes his wealth and power is his ticket to pleasure



  • 60 something female (Elaine) – – Elaine is attractive, sure of herself and dying. But rather than be depressed she is calculating. She wants to make a deal. Elaine is a ball breaker in Prada.
  • 40 something male (Brandon)- – Brandon, is shocked by having just seen Elaine’s 850 pound daughter but even more shocked by the deal Elaine presents to him. Brandon is smart but a bit naive.

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