WSU Student Film: Casting Call

INAMORATA, a tale of two women who must endure love, loss, and betrayal in 1960s suburbia.

Inamorata tells the tale of Lili and Emma, a beautiful couple that is haunted by the despair that comes from disloyalty.

We are currently accepting online auditions only. Please contact us for provided sides before auditioning.

Lillian “Lili”: Late-Twenties/Early-Thirties. Raised by free-spirited parents, Lili marches to the beat of her own drummer. Feminist. Thinker. Fun loving. She’s a secretary, though capable of much more. She’s a lover of a person first before their gender. She loves Emma more than anyone she’s ever been with, but passion fuels her motivations.

Emma: Early-Thirties. Emma is incredibly passionate. She loves deeply, hates drama or fighting with people, and finds joy in taking care of people. She can be on the soft-spoken side. She’s a teacher, so her ability to remain quiet about who she loves is unfortunate but necessary.

Bradley: Mid-Thirties. Bradley is an up-and-coming businessman. He wears nice suits, likes whiskey, and appreciates the finer things in life. He’s single and likes to mingle. He thinks he’s a better catch than he probably is. Slightly smarmy, but redeemable thanks to his boyish charm.

Shirley: Early-Thirties. Shirley is a secretary. She is detail-oriented and likes to cook. She’s a nurturer and a fan of lesbian dinner parties. She is most easily at home with people that know her for who she really is. She’s a giggler and likes to have fun.

Geraldine: Mid-Thirties. Geraldine is the most outspoken lesbian in the group. While technically in hiding she is stereotypical in many of the butch lesbian ways. It makes it hard for her to fit in, in 60s society. “Gerri” is dating Shirley and she likes her. A lot.

Judy: Early-Thirties. Judy is a simple girl that wants to find the right girl and settle down in hiding. She thinks that girl is Nancy. Originally from a small town, Judy moved to the city in hopes of becoming a musician. She plays the cello.

Nancy: Mid-to-Late Twenties. Nancy is as straight-laced as a lesbian could be. She lives with her parents who assume she’s a late bloomer and plans to escape as soon as she can. She loves cats, music, and she’s highly organized. She’s single, but hopes to change that someday. Just not with Judy.

**Affiliated with Wright State University’s Dept. of Motion Pictures, the film is set to shoot in June 2014 and is directed by Dominick Evans.**

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