Telling A Story

After the completion of the October 2013 screenwriting workshop, FilmDayton received a wonderful note from a young participant who pushed herself outside her comfort zone to attend. With our request to share her insights, she expanded her note and has written a first-person account to provide a lovely and descriptive story about her experiences. With her permission, we share it here so you can learn from her experience if the next workshop may be the right fit for you.

I have always wanted to be a part of the film industry. Ever since I was a small child, sitting on the cream carpet of my grandmother’s living-room, watching Barney and Friends, I have wanted to see my name rolling through the credits. Throughout my life, I have lived and breathed film. Some of my favorite films include Shaun of the Dead, War Horse, Natural Born Killers, Sweeney Todd, and even the TV movie Hawking. I’ve also read many scripts for television shows such as Supernatural and Sherlock (BBC). I have what I like to call an overwhelming desire to know the whole story.

It was only just recently that I discovered my passion for writing, and that I was actually quite good at it. At last, I seemed to find my ticket. Screen- writing became my focus. I even switched my major at Sinclair Community College from Psychology to Creative Writing. Through my research, I discovered FilmDayton. The organization immediately grabbed my interest, mostly because I did not know Ohio was interesting enough to be a setting for a film. That is where I found the Writing Workshop. All I had to do was read the words ‘Writing Workshop’ and I was in. Finally, it seemed that there was a way to get my skills and interests underway.

The workshop took place inside of the sitting room of the gorgeous Hook Estate (where, by the way, the movie True Nature was filmed). Tables were set up and munchies were set out. Eight entirely different, however equally creative persons of various ages sat around the tables. It was essentially a very beautiful and supportive writing room. Ms. Marisha Mukerjee, who currently lives in L.A. where she works on the FX drama Justified, arrived fifteen minutes after getting off of her plane, prepared to get moving. And did we ever. For seven and a half hours, we went over ideas and a synopsis. We were challenged to elaborate more and expand on our characters; both the protagonist and the antagonist. We then shared what we had come up with and gave (and received) valuable feedback on our ideas that ultimately helped with our plot, which we, again, elaborated on through the first few pages of our script. Some of us didn’t even want to stop for lunch. I would definitely suggest this workshop to friends and those who appreciate film. The Writing Workshop expands greatly on the elements and ideas put into features such as Rain Man, Zero Dark Thirty, and even Knocked Up. If anything, you will come away with a greater understanding and appreciation for film.

There is definitely something special and satisfying about telling a story.

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