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Posted directly from information submitted by Act Out Talent and DRW2 Media Group. FilmDayton shares casting information as a service to the regional film community and assumes no responsibility for the information contained within. For the full audition listing policy, see here.
We are looking for actors willing to commit to performing a new script every month at various venues around the area. Compensation for participating actors will come in several ways that I think are pretty cool.
1. Money: Each night, depending on the audience actors can expect to make a minimum of $50 up to $150/per performance when our attendance numbers are good.
2. Everyone who is cast as a part of the acting troupe that makes up scripted will have first crack at roles in the films when the films are produced. In fact, our hope is to find our two leads through this process since we can get bigger names in the supporting roles without bursting the budget.
3. Each night, these actors are going to be getting coached by the director of the film or a co-producer or some other industry professional. That is training for which actors will not have to pay. In fact, they’ll be getting paid for it.
The other thing for actors to consider with this show is that they have to be willing to be process-vulnerable in front of an audience as it’s a part of the drama that we believe has made the idea of Scripted so compelling.
Being that these scripts are all a part of films that are being funded to be filmed, it’s important that actors understand the big picture of this opportunity so no one’s time is wasted.
Below, find the character descriptions. We will have sides on site for cold reads
Auditions will be 5-7 minutes and located at 1000 E 2nd St Ste 2005 Dayton, OH 45402
Interested parties can RSVP via email to with availability, name and the part or parts for which you’d like to audition. Those submitting will receive an audition call time via email. Please bring head shot and resume to the audition in industry standard formats. No other inquiries beyond scheduling auditions will be answered at that email. There will be no other information released until the day of the audition.


1. Dylan/Matt- Tall, athletic, mid-twenties. Dylan is handsome, a bit cocky but in a lovable sort of way. He’s Intelligent, self-deprecating and confident.  After accident, Matt is more reserved, unsure of himself embarrassed by his ravaged face.

2. Cara- Twenty-five- year-old dark-haired beauty but is not just a pretty face. She’s confident, educated, and doesn’t suffer fools. She has wit and is not intimidated by Matt’s fame as a baseball star. In fact she’s never heard of him before they meet.

3. Arthur Robbins – Sixty something frumpy sports writer for the LA Times who has unlit cigar in his mouth at all times. Wears wrinkled rain coat and knows baseball better than any person on the planet. He is smart, well educated, and tough as nails. But beneath the tough veneer is a softhearted, lonely guy who is willing to sacrifice his fame by doing the right thing.

4. Doc- Is a seventy year old 5’10” black man. He is a graduate of Yale Medical School and knows everyone in Blossom, South Carolina. He is revered by everyone in town. Is gruff but gentle and has dry wit.

5. Sonny – Is a large, loud white man who claims he went to high school all proof to the contrary. He has been Doc’s best friend since their time together in Viet Nam. Sonny drives a Harley and is proud of his tattoos.

6. Gwen- Is Sonny’s sixty-something wife. She is smart, prim and puts up with Sonny because she knows he is a good man. She also keeps Sonny in line when needed. She is also rich but keeps that secret from Sonny for fear he would by a new motorcycle.

7. Annie- Is a sixty something white woman who married a black man (Doc) in South Carolina. As a result she is tough and smart and has protected Doc when she had to.

8. Bonnie- Late 30’s. She is a blonde faded beauty queen from Alabama who left town 10 years earlier to escape an abusive husband. She works in Millie’s Diner and is known as the Body of Doom by the local high school boys. Bonnie also has a degree in Psychology from Auburn, working on her Master’s and a voracious reader. She is kind, vulnerable and wise. She can also be tough when she needs to be.

9. Eric Patterson- Eric is a mid-thirties, arrogant, ruthless sportswriter out to prove he deserves to win a Pulitzer. He is thin, un-athletic  and not likable.

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