Casting for Youngstown zombie film shooting Dec. 2014

youngstown zombies needed
“Zombie Priest” from Director Sergio Myers and 7 Ponies productions is back in Youngstown after his highly successful film . “ The Zombinator ”, which was filmed in Youngstown last year and has found distribution.

Sergio was so impressed and pleased with the response and enthusiasm from all the help in the past shooting “The Zombinator” and he is eager to start “ Zombie Priest” in late December.
Commencing just after Christmas day, and ending the 2nd of January 2015 , we are currently seeking Volunteer extras and crew and even some locations for filming , as well as some PAID acting roles .

Special Fx Zombie make up artists : with approval we will reimburse a kit fee.

( Perfect for up n comers in the field of MF/X! ) M/U Artist will also receive IMDB credit as MFX artist and be featured as a specialty Zombie .

Wardrobe persons – to assist in gathering used and ragged clothing and maintaining
( volunteer positions) will also receive above mentioned perks
Locations needed :
Please submit any of the following location with PICTURES links & dimensions include yards and any rooms we should see .
Home for Father Philip Craftsman style, unique in features
Home for Father John with interesting windows and structures
Church or dungeon type location ( dark and moody)
Airfield Hanger on a Runway and a cafe on runway ( or similar idea)
Apple Cider Factory- ( a unique structure we cab dress like this will be fine)
Strip mall with a church nearby or inside
Bar, club or barn that could play out a nightclub scene Think from Dusk ’til Dawn
Various exterior locations,such as old truck stood or lone phone booths, diners and interesting streets or buildings, junkyards , cemetery or spooky parks

ACTOR ROLES paid at 105$ per day ( 12/13 hours )
All work about 2-3 days *
Elder Priest- 55-70 bad guy
Agnes- 25-30 good girl, very holy, Wife of Father John, *VERY LARGE ROLE* great breakout for a theatre person
Laurie- 20s brainy girlfriend of Father Alexander
Professor** – Ethnic male 55 plus , bread and wisps of gray- looking for local new reporter or someone famous in Youngstown?

please email all info as requested

** For Actors and Volunteer Zombies, put role in the subline
& for crew please send info below that is requested
and put “CREW / MFX or CREW/ your crew position , as example in the sub line
We need 3 recent pictures of yourself well lit and just you in the frame

email address is
1. Legal Name
2. Phone Number
3. Email
4. Age
5. Height
6. Weight
7. Hair Color
8. Top Size
9. Tattoos (Yes/No – Location on Body)
10. Pant Size
11. Shoe Size
12. Current City
13. Car (Year/Color/Make/Model) we use cars sometimes for camera ; )

Filming dates Dec 26th-Jan 2 in Youngstown Ohio.

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