Dayton Area Music Video Casting (extras) January 24, 2015


“That’s the Way (We Play the Game)”  Listen to the mp3 of the song attached at the bottom of this post.


DATE:          Saturday, January 24th

TIME:                    Band: 11:30am – 6:00pm

                    Audience/Dancers: 2:30pm – 6:00pm

PLACE:       Brookville Music Center

706 Market Street

Brookville, OH 45309


The music video shoot for the theme song from The Fall League movie is happening Saturday, January 24th, at Brookville Music Center, 706 Market Street, Brookville, OH 45309.

We’re shooting a video for the song “That’s the way (We Play the Game)” … the song is available in the movie soundtrack or as a digital download from iTunes or


Please join us to be a part of this event.  We need energetic, smiling people to act as audience members and dancers. The video will definitely be posted on YouTube. Here is some information you may find helpful:


  1. Everyone will need to sign a release form. Anyone under age 18 will need to have a parent or guardian authorize their participation.


  1. For dress, try to wear a softball/baseball team shirt of some type. Jeans, dark pants or leggings will be fine.  For copyright purposes, try to stay away from college or pro team logos. Baseball hats will probably not be good because of the shadows they cause.  Also, avoid bright, shiny fabrics and bold patterns or stripes. Long, flowing hair looks good on camera.


  1. Make-up should be minimal.  We’ll have someone there to help touch-up depending on lighting and video camera requirements. (YES … it’s possible that some of the men may need to have light make-up applied.)


  1. Be prepared to clap your hands at a minimum, sing along or act like you’re singing along, and dance. We have a line dance specifically choreographed for this video and we need participation. The key is to look like you’re involved, having fun and enjoying yourself.


  1. We’ll provide food and soft drinks during the shoot. We’ll also have merchandise to hand out to participants, ranging from DVDs and BLU-RAYs of the film, CDs of the movie soundtrack, Louisville Slugger merchandise, and shirts with The Fall League logo.


  1. 6.  If you have friends or family who want to join in, let us know. The target audience is family-oriented. Age-wise, we’re good with smiling, energetic people of all ages. We’re trying to keep the crowd to a maximum of about 50.


THANK YOU!  Hope to see you Saturday, January 24th!

Please RSVP (for real) by reply to Facebook posts, or email


BONUS: We plan to have a special private screening of The Fall League movie immediately after we are done filming for all of those who participate. Please plan to stay and enjoy the film with the production team!!!


  1. Bambi Balsamo says:

    Been trying to email the email above for days. Keeps coming bav telling me its invalid. So how do you RSVP to this?

    • filmdayton says:

      Thanks for the note. I passed it along to Mr. Gebard.
      They are experiencing some tech problems and are working on it.
      I forwarded your name to him.
      Shelly Hulce
      Executive Director, FilmDayton

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