Crew Intern Positions For “Funhouse Massacre” W/ Start Date April 1st.

This is a posting from Grace Reiter, production coordinator

for “The Funhouse Massacre.”

All inquiries are to be directed to Grace Reiter at:

  ** Please do not contact FilmDayton. **


1) Driver

We need a person to act as a driver for our production from Wednesday, April 1 until approximately April 20. This is critical and we need this person asap.

This person must dress appropriately (clean cut jeans, no offensive t-shirts, etc.) and be well-spoken, punctual and respectful. We prefer no massive tattoos or piercings. They should have a clean driving record and be safe, with a professional demeanor and able to be flexible and take direction. They should have a phone that is capable of sending and receiving text messages and be able to use their phone for GPS navigation if needed. We will provide meals when there is no driving activity and meals are served, otherwise meals are on their own. (We do have an ample craft service snack and drink area.) They will receive film credit and we can provide college credit authorization.

This position will report to me and the pay rate is $9 per hour. They will have use of company rental vehicles:

- Compact Ford Focus

- Large 8 passenger SUV (2)

- 12 Passenger mini-van.

The purpose of the position is to transport cast and crew members to and from from both the Cincinnati airport and Dayton airport; from Dayton and Middletown hotels to set and back, and occasionally from our Base Camp at Land of Illusion to set, either off the lot or on the lot. This is a film schedule comprised entirely of night shooting,so the driver will be working very odd hours, anywhere from trips to airport at very early morning hours after we wrap, to late night pick-ups or drop offs at airports. 

Art Department Interns

We are in need of any number of Art Department interns to start Wednesday April 1 or as soon as possible.These are unpaid positions but we will provide college credit authorization. They will receive film credit and meals when meals are served. Art interns will work under the direction of the Art Director and Production Designer. They will be painting sets, sweeping floors, and where they have the capability, possibly doing some light carpentry and using some power tools, such as shop vacs, drills, hammers, and other light equipment. Hours are generally from 5 to 6 pm until dawn, but there may be some earlier hours. They should be punctual, flexible, take direction well, and possess common sense to pitch in and help wherever needed. The ability to lift up to 50 pounds would be ideal. This is a great department with a fun, pay-it-forward attitude, so the interns will learn and be appreciated. They will be needed from now until approximately April 23 and the full schedule will be explained when they interview.

Makeup Intern

We need one or possibly two unpaid Makeup Department interns, hopefully to start April 1. They should have hair and wig experience. The same general guidelines apply: take direction, have a respectful attitude, and bring their makeup kit if they have one. The Makeup team is very well known with former contestants of the TV show “Face Off” leading the team and directing activities. There are times when the makeup area is very hectic so this person should be able to work under pressure and be ready to step in to help when needed or directed. They will typically be helping to apply makeup to background extras, keeping the department clean, and helping with hair and wigs. There may be occasional small special effects makeup application depending on skill level, but this is not a prerequisite. They will receive meals when meals are served, and college and film credit. Hours are overnight, generally from 6 pm until dawn but the team will advise as shooting days progress.

Wardrobe Intern

We need one unpaid wardrobe intern to work with the Costume and Wardrobe department between approximately 3 pm and 8 pm. They will use either a company vehicle or their own car (mileage paid) to return items to local stores such as Kohls, Target, Wal-Mart, etc. Complete direction will provided to the candidate. This team is very teaching-oriented so the intern will learn a great deal about the process of wardrobe for a film. They have a pay-it-forward and are eager to teach. The intern will receive college and film credit and meals will be provided when meals are served, otherwise meals are on their own. They should be well-spoken, take direction well, and in this case have very deep common sense to be able to manage the process of returning items and understand keeping receipts organized, handling money, and texting or calling for direction if there are issues at the stores.

  The driver is our critical role to fill ASAP.

I will interview drivers on Wednesday, April 1 beginning at 1:30 pm and if chosen, the driver role should be prepared to start that day. The other departments will also be interviewing on Wednesday. Candidate information and/or resumes can be sent to me at

Thank you so much, and I look forward to hearing from you!


Grace Reiter

Production Coordinator


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    Reminder, if you are interested in these crew internships, contact the production coordinator as directed in this posting. Comments and emails to FilmDayton will be not seen by the producers of the film.

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