Casting Call for August Film in Oregonia

The role works one day, August 15th, 2015 at Camp Kern in Oregonia, Ohio.

Provided: Two Meals and $200 for the day

[MARILYN BISHOP] Seen in flashback, the fierce 50 years old, mentally unstable, Marilyn is the mother of Anita and Poppy. After one of her children kills two young girls at their summer camp, a weary and very angry Marilyn rants madly about the challenges these actions now present; however, she’s savvy enough to turn around the next moment and put in motion the plans she hopes will save her child and Merrymaker Campgrounds…CAMEO 4 speeches, 2 scenes (62)

STORY LINE: The successful writer of a horror novel based on terrifying true events at Merrymaker Camp, ROLAND BAUMGARNER, a family man and teacher, goes back for the re-at the request from the camp’s late owner. New owners, ANITA and POPPY BISHOP, have struggled to get their family-owned campground re-opened, and with continued attacks from what some claim is a bigfoot, seriously hindered their attempts, they hope a visit from famed writer Roland will change everyone’s fate forever.

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