The Art Institute of Ohio-Cincinnati is now casting for “Who Land”!

Casting-Call-2-470x260The Art Institute of Ohio-Cincinnati is now casting for a short film “Who Land”! This is a great opportunity to network, work with professionals, and enhance your Acting Demo Reel.

They are looking for the following roles:

• Male or Female / Principal/ all ethnicities
• 16 – 19
• 5′ 9
• Short brown slightly messy hair
• Brown Eyes
• Not Religious
• Interested in women (Single)
• Student
• Very nervous, keeps to himself and smart, he tips his fingers when he is worried, and twitches sometimes.
• Favorite Color: Royal Blue
• He had slight memory of his childhood. He had a sister and loving married parents. They lived in the outer part of the city and had a nice house by the lake. Alex is afraid of the dark, and fears the sight of a lot of blood. He only has the desire to figure out what is happening to him, and how to escape. He also must figure out who he really is.
• Wears plain clothing

• Female / Co-
• Star / All Ethnicities / 10 – 13
• 5′ – 5′ 3″
• Dirty Blonde long hair
• Brown eyes
• Catholic
• Interested in men (Single)
• Student
• Very Smart, energetic, persuasive, and loyal
• Favorite color: Yellow
• She has an older brother (Alex) and married parents. Savannah has had a great childhood living near the city. She is a straight “ A” student, and loves learning from her brother to increase her knowledge. Savannah is very interested in math and science. She likes to learn about Psychology as well. She is afraid of heights. In the future she wants to be a surgeon.
Wears dresses (All are brightly colored)

Waiter (Rick or Ricky)
• Male or Female
• Supporting / All Ethnicities / 22 – 30
• Description Has a scar on his forehead
• 5′ 7
• Blonde hair
• Light blue eyes
• Not Religious
• Interested in Women (Single)
• Waiter
• Not very talkative unless talking to customers, shows slight emotion, and is very loyal
• Favorite color: Red
• Had a rough childhood of what he can barely remember. He was raised by his abusive grandfather until he passed away, when Rick was sixteen. He then moved in with his exgirlfriend, until they broke up when Rick was twenty. Rick lost both of his
parents in a plane crash, when he was four. Rick has very slight trust issues, and is afraid of heights and dying. Rick has always been interested in cooking since he was young.
• Wears all plain white clothing with an apron with tie
optional demo reel

Computer Voice Over Artist
Female / Special / All Ethnicities / 25 – 35
Description Robotic computerized voice that tells the characters what to do and what not to do. Sweet, innocent with a hint of evil.

The rate will be copy and credit. This film will be submitted to local and national film festivals.

If interested, auditions are held at The Art Institute of Ohio-Cincinnati: 8845 Governor’s Hill Drive, Room 420, Cincinnati, OH 45249.

Auditions will take place during the following times: August 6th 11:00am-11:50am; August 11th from 9:30am-11:30am; August 13th from 9:30am-11:30am.

Please confirm one of the available time slots. If you have any questions feel free to email me at or LRABDUL24@AOL.COM.


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