Short Film Audition Notice

AUDITIONS2For the Short Film

You Changed Me

A teenage girl is conflicted between physical and emotional bond, as she transforms herself to keep the boy that she loves interested.

Auditions will be held on  May 21st 11am-3pm at the  Dayton Metro Library Northwest Branch on Philadelphia  Dr

Filming to take place July 11-16.

This is non-paid work,  but refreshments will be provided.  Roles:

Alana- (Female, African-American, Age 17-21)
Alana is an insecure girl, very impressionable and vulnerable. She has a simple and plain look to her (with potential). She has a hard time figuring out who she wants to be.

Jason- (Male, African-American, Age 17-25)
Jason is a young teenage guy with only one thing on his mind. He’s too selfish to be in a relationship and doesn’t really know what he wants in life. Kind of a pretty boy.

Khloe- (Female, African-American, Age 17-21)
Khloe is confident, free spirited, and persuasive. She looks out for Alana in the best way that she can but doesn’t really know how to look out for herself

Milo- (Male, All races, Age 17-25)
Milo, Jason’s best friend is the cool guy and doesn’t influence jason in the best ways. Has an overly cocky and assertive personality.

Mom- (Female, African-American, Age 35-45)
Alana’s mother is strict, religious, and very cold at times. Underneath

her tough exterior she genuinely just wants the best for her daughter.

Extras- (Young adults, all races, and all body types)

Both standing and walking around for party scene.


For more information please contact or 937-203-9305

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