Casting Call for Nucleus CoShare

**CASTING CALL** Please email to confirm your availability!

Wednesday, August 17th
7-9:30 pm
201 E 6th St, Dayton, OH 45402

This gig is for volunteers- no paid parts.
Scene 1: Tight shot on two cubicles with 2 people’s backs to each other
Scene 2: Frame pans out to wider view showing people “coworking” around the cubicles…
Scene 3: the people in the cubicles start to turn around and get out of their seats to meet eyes as they lean out of their cubicles seeing each other then noticing the people around them…
Scene 4: slow motion – Everyone gets up to help push the cubicles over making them fall to the ground and the group of people come together with their arms around each other and smile at the camera…
The point: Cubicles suck, try coworking!

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