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Benjamin Rivet

Music and Video Producer

About Me

Performing under the Moniker BJSR, and creating digital content under the entity Journeyman Productions, I am a multi-media musician Creative Director based out of Dayton, Ohio. While I produce in a variety of personal and professional projects, the combination of my artistic skillsets gives me a distinct ability to create high-quality audio, video and photography from a uniquely wholistic and authentic perspective. Since graduating from the University of Dayton in 2008 where I studied Music, Marketing Entrepreneurship, I have conceptualized and launched numerous artistic and commercial campaigns physically around the country and digitally around the globe. I strive to harness the power and efficiency of modern technology while still tapping into the gambit of emotions that constantly confront this fast-paced and ever-changing world. In an era of content overload I seek to create more and more context with every endeavor I pursue. Music is at the forefront of my story-telling. Simplicity is at the center of my design. Cultural context is the driving force behind my style. Authentic human connection is at heart of my body (of work).


B.A. Music - University of Dayton, Minoring Marketing and Entrepreneurship


Insta/X - @bjsr,

Previous Projects

Music (live & studio production), video (corporate, commercial, artistic, music, documentary)

Contact Information

PHONE: (517) 775 9425