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Quinton Jackson

DP, Camera Assistant, Grip

About Me

As a dedicated cinematographer and camera assistant based in Ohio, I bring a blend of technical expertise and artistic vision to every project. With over a decade of experience in the film and television industry, I have worked on a diverse array of productions, from feature films and documentaries to commercials and music videos. My proficiency with the latest camera technologies and my keen eye for composition allow me to capture compelling visual narratives that elevate the story. I have collaborated with a variety of production teams, providing reliable support and creative input to ensure each shot meets the highest standards. My extensive knowledge of lighting, lens selection, and camera operation, coupled with a strong ability to adapt to different filming environments, ensures smooth and efficient shoots. Whether working on large-scale productions or intimate indie projects, my commitment to excellence and passion for storytelling shine through in every frame. I am always eager to contribute my skills to new and exciting projects coming to Ohio, helping bring visionary concepts to life on screen.


Associates of Audio Visual Production


She’s Connected - Commercial | Alarum - Feature | Nutcrackers - Feature | Alto Knights - Feature | Theresa - Short Narrative (Contact for Resume)


Contact Information

EMAIL: PHONE: (332) 999 - 4293