FILM DAYTON is pleased to present a locations database to better serve the needs of filmmakers looking to use the backdrop of the Miami Valley for productions. You’ll find historic mansions, rolling farms, majestic churches, urban blight, and accessible neighborhoods all within a short drive. Explore the diversity of locations available in the Miami Valley!

We are so thankful FilmDayton exists… Because of their help in securing a couple excellent locations, we were able to excel in producing a set of top-notch commercials in the Miami Valley.
Stephen Sargent, Producer

Need some B-roll of our popular destinations? Are you interested in getting a feel for some of our landmarks and neighborhoods. There are great resources online and our helpful team can guide you in the right direction.

Looking for something specific? Contact us at director@filmdayton.com or 937-554-0031. The Dayton Region has a great collection of historic districts, parks, warehouse, industrial sites, recreation areas, educational centers, museums, neighborhoods and more!


Want to get in the game and submit your home, business, land for consideration for filming? Contact us at Lisa@filmdayton.com now for addition to the Ohio Film Office Location Database! FilmDayton maintains a digital library of locations throughout the region for use in films, television shows, commercials, videos and photo shoots. We receive requests for all types of locations including homes of all sizes, gas stations, courthouses, airplane hangars, warehouses, restaurants, dancehalls, farms, ranches, resorts and more. We welcome your submission for inclusion in to our library.


  • Filmmakers like to see the ‘big picture,’ so think wide. Include exterior and interior images of all structures on the property.
  • For exteriors, take multiple angles of the structures / buildings including views from the street, front, side and back.
  • Include at least one shot of every room on the interior. It is helpful to stand in the corner of a room with the lens adjusted to the widest angle setting.
  • Do not include close-up or detail shots of fixtures (door knobs, fans, etc.), it’s best to get a feel for what the room looks like as a whole.
  • Include the property address and contact information (name, email address and phone number) for the owner and / or manager. For rural properties, please include basic.

Review our Location One Pager for some basic information. Please note that we provide services to a wide range of filmmakers – from students to Hollywood Studios. There is no industry standard for location fees and every project differs.