FILM DAYTON is pleased to work with productions on securing the appropriate permits from all across the region. Our partners in Montgomery, Miami, Clark and Greene counties are ready to welcome you and we can walk you through our convenient and FREE permit process. Additional permits (street closures, fire/pyro, police, etc) may include an additional fee.

Click here to print out the FilmDayton Free Production Permit.  Once complete scan it and return to for additional support.


Start with the right resources to find the right team. Contact Lisa at 937-554-0041 or for more information or help to find what you need.

The City of Dayton’s Film and Screen Team (FAST) is a one-stop destination for obtaining proper permits and getting the information you need for film and television production in Dayton, Ohio. Dayton has a growing professional film and production community, and the FAST program will make it easier to complete your project.

FAST provides a user-friendly network of City staff and outstanding regional resources that will help you produce your next project in Dayton. By bringing your project to the Dayton region, you will benefit from a rich cultural heritage, unique spaces, and a close-knit community of like-minded artists and producers. Dayton is a leader in supporting the arts community. The information below will help you start your production in Dayton as quickly as possible.