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Scott Malan

Production Assistant, Boom Mic Operator

About Me

I'm a single, white, red-headed dude from South Dayton who loves film and has a passion for working on set. I'm a full-time Amazon delivery associate, eager to escape the field of logistics and ready to immerse myself in the production industry. I want to be as helpful as possible without getting in the way, all while learning and figuring out what my specific focus as a filmmaker could be.


Bachelor of Arts in Motion Picture Theory, Criticism, and History


IG : d4yw4lkr


I served as a production assistant on True Nature and several student films, as well as boom mic operator on a short called Wren. I was also a production assistant on a Dayton themed music video, and have been paid as a production assistant on a locally filmed informational short. I have co-written and starred in a DIY indie short.

Contact Information

PHONE: (937) 212 9826