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Matthew Barnard

Script analyst, tv, screenplay and sketch comedy writer, acting, producing, podcaster, improviser, stand-up comic

About Me

Matthew Barnard ... is a Creative Entrepreneur with over twenty five years of experience in the entertainment industry. With a degree in Advertising from The University of Akron, Matthew leaned towards the creative side, but later realized he did not really care why people purchased what they did or how to influence that in any way. So, he moved on to Screenwriting. Matthew has written multiple screenplays and tv pilots in comedy, drama and action. While in Los Angeles from 1998-2014, we honed his craft and developed his own web series comedy called “Spin The Bottle”, that lasted four seasons and has tallied up close to a million views on Youtube since 2012. During this same period, Matthew honed his craft as an actor, sketch comedy writer and performer, and improviser and has performed on many different stages performing original material. Matthew also has taught Improv and Sitcom writing in LA and Ohio, using ideas and concepts on the fly to create characters and situations to develop shows and multiple plot points to ensure a project’s viability and longevity. While in Los Angeles, Matt also worked for entertainment companies such as Dreamworks Animation, the music publishing division of Paramount Pictures, E! Entertainment and over twelve years at the Writers Guild of America, where he worked in the Membership, Agency and Residuals departments. Since 2022, Matthew developed the concept for his podcast “Man With a Mentor”, an interview style show focusing on interesting people and how they developed the passion for their career and all the steps they have taken to transform that dream into a reality. At the moment, Matthew has completed over twenty-five episodes and is hoping to add to the total, as well as create new concepts. Matthew also has a role in a feature film set to film summer 2024, teach and perform more improv comedy, do more podcasts with in-studio guests and via Zoom, and is always seeking new opportunities where he can vibrantly add to a creative vision. “Man With a Mentor” is available on Youtube, Spotify and Apple podcasts, if you search under that title. If you or anyone you know would like to be considered for a guest spot on the show, please reach out to barnardtv@gmail.com . Also, I would be honored to be a guest on other podcasts. In addition, check out my web series “Spin The Bottle”, also on YouTube. Matthew is available for script analysis and punching up plot points and dialogue at my email - barnardtv@gmail.com .


University Of Akron, BS Advertising



Previous Projects

Man With a Mentor Podcast (MVCC), Improv @ Springboro Community Theatre and Spin The Bottle - the web series (LA)

Contact Information

EMAIL: barnardtv@gmail.com
PHONE: (323) 449 2266