Yellow Springs Brothers Making First Feature

There are times in your life where you just have to ask for what you need.  And  Yellow Springs filmmaker Joel Levinson and his brother are doing just that.  Not just asking, but shouting in out loud.  You may heave heard them on WYSO and here’s their appeal on their website:


After many years of working on short form and web projects, and writing for other people, we’re excited to say that we’re gonna make our first feature!

It’s called “HeartThrob” and it’s the story of a late 1990’s boy band who’ve been in the studio every day for the past 17 years working on the follow up to their multi-platinum debut album. As a result, they are older, fatter and balder, but still singing like a bunch of teens.

A musical comedy that will be filmed primarily in and around Yellow Springs, Ohio – and I have a feeling we can use any kind of help you can give!

Do you know an actor who’s face can sell movies? Introduce us!

Do you own or know a brewery that would pay for product placement? Let’s talk!

Are you unemployed and spend all your time on Facebook liking or not liking things?! WE WILL NEED YOU!

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Second, if you’ve got some specific skills you think we should know more about tell them about it!